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Did you know that many alternative financing companies won’t allow you to pay off a loan early? Even if they did, most likely would still need to pay the full amount of interest that was due over the life of the note.

That’s not how we do business at LendSpark, and why we offer our Interest Forgiveness package to qualified applicants for up to $150,000. Companies approved for our program will not be constrained with prepayment penalties or daily interest amortization. What’s more, we won’t require any security lien against your company and not impact your credit score when we verify your eligibility for this program.

All you need to apply is:

  • The last three (3) months of bank statements
  • Current outstanding balance of any daily or weekly loans and cash advances
  • Signed and dated LendSpark application

Who Qualifies?

Qualifying for the Interest Forgiveness program is based on a variety of factors; including your credit history, time in business, current tax liens and the like. Contact us to see if this program is right for your business!

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