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At LendSpark we understand and cater to the needs of a variety of small businesses, as we are one ourselves. We secure successful equipment financing and maintain long-term relationships with businesses in a wide array of industries including everyday: Restaurants, Landscape, Construction, Technology/IT, Healthcare, Healthcare, and more.

LendSpark’s joy and passion is derived from acting as an expert advisor to small businesses who need our help receiving financing, and in need of sound business advice. Our ultimate goal it to help you better understand what you need to grow your business.

We invest time with you upfront to learn about your business and history to thoroughly and accurately determine what may be the best option for you, whether it is with us or not. We do not make any promises we can’t keep, we love people and appreciate the effort it takes to run a small business successfully. We love seeing businesses grow as a joint effort.

The types of loans we have successfully secured for businesses include (but are not limited too):

· Asset Based Loans
· SBA Loans
· Start-up Financing
· Merchant Cash Advance
· Term Loans
· Factoring
· Equipment Financing & Leasing
· Working Capital
· Merchant Processing


Read what our current clients have to say about their experience with LendSpark Give us a call today and get the funds and advice you need to start or grow your restaurant business!