The Lease vs Buy Decision for Business Equipment

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There are many reasons why companies decide to lease equipment rather than taking a loan to buy the asset. The business reasons why customers prefer to lease rather than borrow to purchase an asset are: No money down and immediate use of the leased asset vs. a loan typically requiring a down payment. Leasing is [...]

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Who Can I Trust for Business Financing?

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We recently posted about The Lure of Fast Business Loans and the amazing growth of business loan brokers - with their non-stop emails, phone calls, mailers, etc. Given that you’re likely being bombarded with “Quick Money” funding offers daily, the question you should be asking yourself is: Who can I trust when I need funding [...]

LendSpark Business Funding FAQs

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Q: What is a Direct Lender? A: A Direct Lender directly lends to clients, without brokering the loan. Q: What is a Broker? A: A Broker will take a client file to one or more Direct Lenders to obtain various quotes and options. Q: Why does LendSpark say they are a Direct Lender and Advisor? [...]