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LendSpark recognizes that access to the best equipment for your chiropractic business is crucial to your growth. We offer a variety of direct funding options AND expert advice to help you flourish! We have the flexibility and resources to source new, or pre-owned equipment for lease and can custom tailor financing plans that work with your budget and cash flow. Whether you need new equipment, want to open a new location or need capital to cover a dip in cash flow, our team is here to help!

We are a licensed and direct lender and have several options for chiropractic equipment financing. We offer true business loans, many of which are based on business revenues and assets, not personal credit. In addition to our own direct funds, we have built a network of lenders and work as your trusted partner to develop a plan and get you the money you need to grow your chiropractic business.

In addition to providing equipment leasing options for chiropractic business’, our team of dedicated experts pride ourselves in acting as long-term advisors and consultants for your business. We understand that running a small business is not cheap and financing options can be confusing.

Give us a call today at (760) 660-4355 and receive the funds and advice you need for your chiropractic practice!

LendSpark offers a wide variety of solutions and our experienced professionals will present you with the best fit for your needs, budget and business profile.


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