CEO Todd Stichler in California CEO

///CEO Todd Stichler in California CEO

CEO Todd Stichler in California CEO

Take a look at this article our Founder got published in this prominent media outlet.

Before Applying, Ask The Business Lender Five Questions

As a former small business owner of a large professional services firm, I know first hand the dozens of daily postcards, emails, text message and phone calls a CEO or business owner receives each week from “alternative financing” companies offering quick and, in many cases, much-needed working capital. These organizations do so for one big reason — the tactic works.

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About the Author:

Todd Stichler is a seasoned finance executive, and has consistently leveraged his business experience to help small businesses, providing expert advice and securing business loans. He is a former Adjunct Professor at San Diego State University, a current Board Member of the Sharp Healthcare Foundation and Co-Founder of LendSpark.