Business Loan for Corporations

LendSpark is made up of a group of financial and business strategy experts and specializes in securing loans for corporations. Whether you are an established business and out of lines of credit from the bank, or a start-up corporation in the infancy stage and in need of funding to help boost growth, LendSpark offers unbiased advice and funding options to help your business.

At LendSpark, as a small team of experienced executives and advisors with decades of experience, we understand cash-flow fluctuations intimately and are happy to help provide corporate business loans and/or advice you need to continue your growth. We offer a wide-range of funding options for corporations including: equipment financing, working capital loans, term loans, merchant cash advances and more.

In addition to funding, the true passion of LendSpark is to act as your trusted business advisor, we love seeing small and medium sized businesses succeed and truly enjoy being a part of their success. With our expert advice and funding options, LendSpark can help you with the funding and advice in regards to:

• Payroll
• Taxes
• Advance project financing
• Equipment financing
• Marketing
• Renovation of offices
• Purchase or lease of new or additional locations
• Install Security systems

Give us a call today at (760) 671-3351 and get the funds and advice you need to start or grow your corporation!

LendSpark offers a wide variety of solutions and our experienced professionals will present you with the best fit for your needs, budget and business profile.

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